Peter Sanger

Peter Sangers poetry collections include Aiken Drum (finalist for the Atlantic Poetry Prize), John Stokes Horse and Fireship: Early Poems, 19651991. His prose projects include, The Stone Canoe: Two Lost Mikmaq Texts (with Elizabeth Paul), White Salt Mountain: Words in Time and Spar: Words in Place. He lives in South Maitland, Nova Scotia.

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Through Darkling Air: The Poetry of Richard Outram
Peter Sanger

2010 / Biography / $65.95
9781554470617 / Hardcover / 512 pp

Through Darkling Air is an extensive study of the life and work of Canadian poet Richard Outram (19302005) in which Peter Sanger provides detailed analysis of Outrams poetry, his influences and allusions, and of his collaboration with his wife, visual artist Barbara Howard. Through wide-reading of both the Western literary canon and of Outrams own oeuvre, Sanger situates Outram in the literary tradition while introducing readers to Outrams life, ideas and work. In the process, Sanger demonstrates a style of reading and discussing poetry which is uncommon in contemporary criticism, working methodically through Outrams catalogue in order to arrive at a panoramic perspective that is at once telescopic and microscopic.

As well as chronicling Outrams accomplishments as a poet, mapping the many interconnections between his poems and their outward influences, Through Darkling Air celebrates Outrams partnership with Barbara Howard, in particular their collaboration on the limited edition broadsides and handmade books issued from their Gauntlet Press imprint between 1960 and 2001. This book includes over 75 colour and black & white reproductions depicting Outram and Howards most noteworthy productions. It also includes many key poems from Outrams more scarce collections reproduced in their entirety.

Sanger first discovered Outrams work in 1995: "My eye was drawn by the spare beauty of two chapbooks. When I read the books I found I did not always understand them. Sometimes it was as if I were coping with another language. But I had no trouble seeing and hearing the dance of Outrams intelligence, his wit, his underdrifts of understated grief, his companion, his occasional prophetic anger directed at cant, opportunism and human predation, especially of the natural world. I knew immediately that I had encountered a poet whose work I would read for the rest of my life. Through Darkling Air is an attempt to honour a principle Outram shared and lived with his late wife, the painter, wood-engraver and book designer, Barbara Howard: love and imagination are synonymous and eternal, and the fool is wise who knows that much."

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