Monica Kidd

Monica Kidd is the author of six previous literary books, most recently the poetry collection The Year of Our Beautiful Exile (2015). As well as writing, she has worked as a seabird biologist and as a reporter for CBC Radio. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, where she is a family physician, a fledgling letterpress printer and co-publisher of Pedlar Press.

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The Year of Our Beautiful Exile
Monica Kidd

2015 / Poetry / $19.95
9781554471430 / Trade paper / 80 pp

In The Year of Our Beautiful Exile, Monica Kidd observes the ways in which estrangement and loss punctuate our days, but need not always diminish them. Whether she is writing of the bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth, the displacement of whole communities during the epic flooding of Alberta’s rivers in 2013, or of the many minor disconnections which occur in the headlong tumble of domestic life and love (where sometimes a smartphone might seem better connected than a spouse, “remembers my birthday with a cheery tra-la”), Kidd demonstrates a keen eye for the ordinariness of loss, for the way in which the world evolves and adapts in the midst of perpetual change and for the many small moments of human connection that form our lives.

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