Christopher Patton

Christopher Patton is a Canadian poet and translator. A section from his first book, Ox, won the Paris Review’s long poem prize. Recent books include Curious Masonry and Unlikeness is Us, a volume of translations from Old English which won an American Book Award. His visual poetry has been shown at the Whatcom Museum and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. He blogs at

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Christopher Patton

2020 / Canadian Poetry / $21.95
9781554472116 / Trade paper / 96 pp

These poems do not merely retell the myth of Dumuzi, the Sumerian god of spring who, for a moment of casual disregard, is condemned to the underworld by his consort Inanna, Queen of Heaven, goddesss of love and war. While Dumuzi and Inanna preside here, the collection’s true protagonist is language itself, which Christopher Patton refracts as he pursues their stories through a kaleidoscope of poetic forms and practices. He reaches into the graphic realm as well: fragments of the myth become word grids recalling a sacred orchard, or images built up from the pattern on a scrap of security envelope lining. Mixing elegy, mischief, and experiment, Dumuzi exhumes the body of a god, only to find a rhizome dripping with linkages and metamorphoses.

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