Nicholas Bradley

Nicholas Bradley lives in Victoria, British Columbia. The author of Rain Shadow, a collection of poems, he teaches in the Department of English at the University of Victoria.

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Before Combustion
Nicholas Bradley

2023 / Canadian Poetry / $23.95
9781554472543 / Trade paper / 96 pp

Arriving at a point in mid-life where stability throws up more questions than answers, the agreeable routines of work, chores and parenthood can both define and disquiet us. As the steady stream of anxieties and distractions—of screens, traffic, information overload, existential dread—sets the day-to-day human world adrift, what meaningful relationship remains possible with the natural world? In these poems, Nicholas Bradley writes of the challenges of living with attentiveness and curiosity in a time of atmospheric rivers and forest fires, of heat domes and landslides, and of the struggle to reconnect our domestic worlds to greater cycles of place and time.

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