JJ Steinfeld

J. J. Steinfeld lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. His work has received many awards, including the 1990 Creative Writing Award from the Toronto Jewish Congress Book Committee. His most recent collections are Would You Hide Me? (GP, 2003) and Anton Chekhov Was Never in Charlottetown.

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Anton Chekhov was Never in Charlottetown
JJ Steinfeld

2000 / Short Fiction / $18.95
9781894031288 / Trade paper / 216 pp

Insignificant events often acquire an emblematic quality as we struggle with the past, attempting to establish a workable understanding of what it means to be human in a modern context. In his fiction, J. J. Steinfeld details life’s tragic, often absurd moments in a voice that is at once compassionate and unsentimental. These twenty new stories expand the Steinfeld canon to nine collections of fiction, including one novel, Our Hero in the Cradle of Confederation, and the award-winning short-story collection Dancing at the Club Holocaust.

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“For Steinfeld, comedy is no anesthetic; rather, it sharpens the delirium of pain. These 20 stories attest to the Dadaist courage of a writer who insists on throwing honour in front of every laughing face.” George Elliott Clarke, Halifax Sunday Herald

There is also a special edition of the book: 9781894031271

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JJ Steinfeld

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Anton Chekhov was Never in Charlottetown
JJ Steinfeld

2000 / Short Fiction / $49.95 CAN
9781894031271 / Fine / 216 pp
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