Gerald Manley Hopkins

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Harry Ploughman
Gerald Manley Hopkins

2022 / Poetry / $40.00
Fine / 8 pp

Edition is out of print

The poet Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844–1889) sent this unruly, soundlush sonnet to his friend Robert Bridges in 1887, calling it ‘a direct picture of a ploughman, without afterthought,’ aiming to present the ploughman as ‘a vivid figure before the mind’s eye.’ There is frankly little directness in this poem, yet its momentum and music capture something of the beauty and vitality of the ploughman in the midst of his labour. This chapbook was designed as a specimen of Jim Rimmer’s rarely-seen Juliana Oldstyle typeface, one of the earliest proprietary typefaces he produced for his Pie Tree Press. Its rustic letterforms harmonize well with the extraordinary, disquieting diction and prosody of Hopkins’s poem.

Specifications: Typeset in Jim Rimmer’s Juliana Oldstyle type. Printed in black, brown and red on Saint Armand Old Master’s handmade paper and folded to 9 × 12 inches, making 8 pages. Handsewn into a brown Old Masters wrapper with a paper lable printed in two colours. Comes in a paper envelope printed in brown. Limited edition of 48 numbered copies.

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